Hey you kids...

Warning: opinionated, under caffeinated, hungover rant coming up....

Can anyone just make a normal beer anymore? We can't have just a brown ale. It has to be an Imperial Brown ale that was brewed by a level 10 Elvish Paladin deep in the forests of Elskafél and aged on the whiskey soaked body of Pinocchio. He's not a real boy and that's not a real beer.*

And the lagers, why the lagers? It is a style that grew out of the desire for a super light, super clean, and super simple beer. I swear we just had a barrel aged boysenberry hoppy imperial lager on draft. Or something like that, I was to busy trying to figure out what the hell it was.**

I remember when I got into the beer industry. A friend said to me, 'you will come to appreciate a simple pale ale and a well done lager. The extreme stuff loses its appeal after a while'. And while I'm still not much of a simple pale ale or lager drinker, I certainly understand the sentiment. I think I have reached the beer equivalent of, 'Hey you kids, get off my lawn'! Sometimes, at the end of the day, I want a beer. Just a beer. One that was brewed to perfection, with normal ingredients, the way beer has been brewed for millennia.

Fo the love of all that is holy and fermented, can I just get a brown ale, hold the unicorn tears?

*There are actually some great Brown ales out there. Central 28's Miss Mary Brown and Hourglass's Brown Beer Brown Beer are 2 that come to mind.

**Craft brewers are starting to get into lagers and those that do it well don't have to hide in behind some weird flavor! Cigar City Lager, Terrapin Sound Czech, and 21st Amendment El Sully knock it out of the lager park!