Alcohol use is prevalent in the majority of unwanted sexual behavior. 

Drink Safe Florida trains service industry owners and staff to identify and address sexual assault on both sides of the bar.

We have created a certification and training program for bars and restaurants utilizing Bystander Intervention and De-Escalation Techniques, an easy to use program for both the staff member and the guest, and a community awareness program designed to help create communities that are safe from sexual harassment and assault. 

Our program creates well-marked safe spaces for men, women, and everyone in between so they feel comfortable knowing that they have an extra set of trained eyes in the area.

We want our symbol to be associated with places that strongly and actively discourage harassment and assault.

Drink Safe Florida brings together the powers of education and community, enabling customers to choose where they drink confidently while knowing a support system is in place should they need it.

Together, we can eliminate sexual assault and CRAFT POSITIVE CHANGE.

The Drink Safe Florida Program is currently on hold and being revamped to create a more user friendly interface.  You can still view our directory for currently certified establishments int eh DeLand area.


Drink Safe Florida is a program provided by Drink Volusia Inc., a 501(c)3 corporation.

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