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Our Drink Safe Florida Trainers and DeLand Pride Members are available for Community Presentations on a number of topics.  Please contact Ann-Marie for more information on our available programs and schedule.

Presentation Topics Include but are not limited to...

  • An Introduction to the Drink Safe Program
  • The Good, The Bad, The Connected: How technology and social media are changing the face of sexual assault 
  • No Means No: A discussion on the real meaning of consent
  • The Bystander Effect: Empowering people to do something when they see other community members in need of help
  • TIPS University: Empowering students and other university groups to follow acceptable standards of practice for serving and consuming alcoholic beverages
  • What it really means to be an LGBT Ally
  • DeLand Pride Panel Discussion
  • Showing Your True Colors in a Monotone World: A discussion on navigating the world of political correctness

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Date Needed

Looking for a specific topic?  Let us know what you are looking for.


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